Dear Friend:

For 23 years the Sonshine Soup Kitchen has been ministering to the needs of our Greater Derry community by serving free hot meals in a spiritually uplifting environment to anyone who enters our facility. Although our kitchen facility has been provided by the First Baptist Church of Derry, we incur operating expenses for the rental of office and storage space, as well as utilities for both locations.
Over the years services have been added: a clothing closet, Bible study, emergency needs care and a fund to help with transportation to a homeless shelter. With the addition of these services, as well as an increase in the number of guests served each day, the Sonshine Soup Kitchen has outgrown its current space.
A fundraising committee has been formed to start the monumental task of raising money to secure a permanent home for the Soup Kitchen. For years the Soup Kitchen has served anyone in need within our community. We are now asking the community to help us beyond the current level of support.
There’s an old saying: “How does one eat an elephant?” The answer is: “One bite at a time!”. That’s how we’re going to get started.
A local organization has offered a matching grant if the Soup Kitchen can raise $50,000.00 before April 1, 2013. Although, initially, it looks like a huge undertaking, it would be made easier with help from the community. We are calling our first fundraising drive 50-50-50. We are asking for 50 organizations to volunteer to raise (or donate) $1,000 each. Our goal is to earn $50,000, from 50 organizations in 50 days.
Our goal is to identify the 50 groups before February 1, and have the fundraising completed 50 days later on March 22. This will insure our earning the $50,000 match before the deadline.
Your organization is considered part of the foundational support of the Soup Kitchen ministry. Because we know your passion for our ministry, we are asking if your group would take part in our first fundraising effort.
If you are not able to commit to raising $1,000, please consider a smaller donation, or let us know how you would like to be included.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the fundraising committee members.

Jean Roalsvig
Roalsvig at comcast dot net

Joanne Packard
Sherm_Packard at juno dot com

Jean Manley
TJManley03053 at gmail net com

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